Strawberry fruit extract

INCI: Fragaria Virginiana Fruit Extract

Strawberry fruit extract -contains about 10% of sugars, anthocyanins, polyphenols, flavonoids, organic acids (citrine, apple, quinone, salicylicylic, ellagic, gallic), amino acids and vitamins: about 100 mg/100 g, vitamins from groups B, E, K, PP. It also contains large amounts of minerals, including iron, phosphorus, calcium, sulphur, potassium, iodine and bromine. Strawberry fruit extract cleanses the skin and has astringent properties (recommended for acne skin). It has a nourishing, firming and gentle exfoliating effect thanks to its acid content. It stimulates skin cells for faster regeneration = production of collagen and elastin proteins. The extract also strengthens blood vessel walls and lightens slightly.

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