About our company


Sylveco is a family-owned and managed natural skincare company specializing in products that combine top-quality dermocosmetic agents with traditional Polish-grown herbal ingredients.

Fast-growing since 2008, we now offer three distinctive personal care brands that suit the needs of modern consumers, both eco-minded and mainstream. Each of our products features real plant extracts in a hypoallergenic, paraben-free formula. In addition to gentle everyday products for all skin types, we offer numerous specialty solutions created to tackle specific skin- and hair-care challenges.




At Sylveco we conduct our own research, development and rigorous testing, maintaining on-site ingredient processing and the highest production standards in the industry. We are proud advocates of green business practices, including a commitment to zero toxic waste pollution and no animal testing, ever.

Our products have been marketed via multiple channels, including national drugstore/chemist chains, pharmacies, herbal shops, organic markets and various online retail schemes. Our marketing strategy is non-invasive and largely based upon the excellent reviews, numerous awards and enviably good word of mouth our products have garnered among both experts in skincare and end users themselves.

We are currently prepared to support mid- to large-scale export production. Our ingredients are approved for use in Poland and the EU and our manufacturing and distribution plants adhere to the strictest standards governing the cosmetics category in Poland. We are happy to make our facilities available for official inspection by interested parties.

We look forward to bringing the best in Poland’s plant-based personal care to consumers in other markets.

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