Perilla seed oil

INCI: Perilla Frutescens (Perilla) Seed Oil

Perilla seed oil – accelerates wound healing, burns, frostbite. It inhibits degenerative changes and keratosis of the sebaceous glands, prevents the sebaceous glands from getting stuck. It supports the production of collagen and elastin, increasing skin elasticity and firmness, and reducing wrinkles. Regulates fat metabolism in the body.

The oil is intended for dry, atopic, sensitive, mature and oily skin. Perilla oil soothes irritated and itchy skin. Moisturizes the skin, increases its elasticity and regenerates. It reduces pain and relieves itching and redness in eczema, recommended for dry and scaly skin. Due to the strong disinfecting properties it is also recommended for skin prone to irritation, acne, oily and mixed skin.

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