All-natural skincare from Poland featuring organic aloe vera juice, ginkgo biloba and other nourishing botanicals, safe for all skin types.

The aloe vera plant has been used to heal wounds and treat skin conditions for centuries. Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and regenerating on a cellular level, the juice of aloe leaves also contains natural pain-reducing salicylic acid to leave skin soothed and free of irritation.

The new ALOESOVE line from natural skincare specialist SYLVECO features lightweight, fast-absorbing products formulated with high-grade EU-certified organically grown aloe vera extract and other botanicals.

We use a standardized 200x concentrate of pure organic aloe vera juice obtained from the plant core, freeze-dried at harvesting time for maximum freshness and potency. Thanks to this process, all ALOESOVE products contain at least 20% organic aloe vera extract.

This powerful ingredient is combined with antioxidant ginkgo biloba extract and a synergistic mix of other botanicals, including 100% pure essential oils for a palette of refreshing, all-natural fragrances.

ALOESOVE products are safe for all skin types and formulated to deliver maximum hydration from lightweight, non-greasy products. All ALOESOVE products are safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The packaging features the International Aloe Science Council logo in recognition of superb component quality. ALOESOVE products are suitable for vegan.

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